About Dverse Media

Who we are

With over 30 years of veteran music experience in its ranks, and a culture of youthful collaboration, DVERSE is able to leverage its vast network of resources in the music industry to offer artists access to platform and industries that provide exponential growth opportunities in national and international markets.


With our time-tested and innovative strategies, executive level experience and strong relationships, we are able to help artists create, maintain and evolve their brand to maximize exposure in the market.


We have built strategic partnerships with many of the top global streaming platforms to get you placed on the top playlists for increased market exposure, new listeners, new fans, and increased streaming and sales.

Press & Publicity

We have built strong partnerships with press, content creators and social influencers whose global reach can cast a wider net, promoting acts to a wider range of audiences and listeners.

Social Media

We offers the guidance and strategy needed to enhance an acts persona on social media, deepening relationships with followers, creating artist ambassadors, spurring online growth and creating additional revenue opportunities in areas outside of music.


Our focus is spearheading strategic thinking that drives artist awareness on digital and offline platforms, and generates excitement for our artists through online campaigns, social media, print, TV and radio marketing and promotions campaigns.  We offer independent artists the same tools utilized by major labels to break through the landscape giving you exposure and driving fanbase growth.

Radio Promotion

Mega stars are still made on the radio and the DVERSE team leverages its relationships in radio to get you the airplay that will drive awareness and grow your fanbase.


Promote, monetize and protect your creative work
to get the most reach and the most return.

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